Solar Energy – The Smart Solution for the Needs of Tomorrow

If you live in Sonoma County, Napa County, Marin County, or Lake County, and have been thinking about making the switch to renewable energy, the timing could not be any better. Government assistance makes solar installations for business and homeowners surprisingly affordable.

Check our Resource page for details. How long that assistance will be around is anyone’s guess. That’s why it’s so important to take action now! Call us today, or click on get a Solar Analysis and we will be in touch with you. There is absolutely no cost or obligation.

What Are Your Reasons for Going Solar?

Most businesses and homeowners are looking to save money by stabilizing their energy costs. At Affinity Solar we can determine just how much you can save by going solar – see get a Solar Analysis. You’ll be surprised how quickly a solar installation will pay for itself.

Calculate the Savings

How much can you save? Typical return on solar investment runs as much as 12% to over 20%. Where else can you get such a return these days? Click to access the Calculator.

Going Green and Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

…will go a long way towards reducing greenhouse gases and halting or reversing climate change. Every business and homeowner deciding in favor of solar electricity, solar hot water, solar pool heating and wind turbines contributes their part.

How Would You Like to See Your Utility Meter Run Backwards?

Would that be a sight for sore eyes? Once your solar panels are installed, any excess energy you produce on a sunny day is fed into your utility grid and its retail value is credited to your account. On cloudy or rainy days you will draw on your utility credit so that you never run out of power. We design your system for maximum electricity savings, based on available space and budget.

Are You Living Off the Grid?

We have solutions for you – see SERVICES – Solar Electric.

How much can you save? Typical return on a solar investment is between 12% and 20%. What else can you get these days? Click to access the calculator. Read More...

A phone call to us and about 45 minutes of you time for a solar analysis as your home is your first step. Read More...

Learn what to expect when the installation crew arrives and how quickly you can become a solar household. Read More...

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